A written document that is provided to an employee upon completion of his/her employment that certifies him/her of the experience in an organization is termed as an experience certificate. This is provided after an employee completes his employment and it works as proof of an employee’s experience in a company or an organization. This certificate forms a base to look at the insights of employees’ past experience, job profile, designation of the employee, and other related details. This is a way of showing off employees’ abilities and capabilities in the service.

When an employee is planning to pursue a job opportunity the company asks for several letters and documents, one of them being an experience certificate. As an employer or manager, existing or former employees may ask to write an employee experience letter on their behalf. At the time of joining new employer might ask you to carry this certificate for further assessment. This is also to confirm the designation and tenure of the past employment.

This letter is typically written for the time employee has spent with the organizations and set of knowledge, experience, and skill they gained while in employment. This letter is to validate claims a job seeker seems to have made in terms of their knowledge and skills in their Cover letter/ Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume. It is one of the most important and valuable certificates one can add to their work portfolio.

Important Components of An Experience Certificate

1. Name of the employee

2. Signature of the employee

2. The date of issuing the letter

3. Joining date of employment

4. Last date of employment

5. Designation, job role, or work profile of the employee

6. Job role or work details

7. Other related information

8. Wishing good luck to the employee for future endeavors

9. Signature/stamp of the organization or company.

These are the points explained while writing an experience certificate for an employee, as a suitable format with formal and polite language is essential. Documents like this are important for an individual’s career and future. Therefore, you should seek consultancy from experts. Our expertise is not limited to the GST register, but we also offer consultancy on different lawsuits and other paperwork such as Income tax return services, Company registration, etc.

1. Should be written on the letterhead of the company:

Make sure to write the certificate of experience on a company’s formal letterhead if a company does not have one it can be written on paper with the company’s seal on it. Since it is an official document it can be typed and then printed on the company’s letterhead.

2. Date of issuance:

On the upper right-hand side corner of the document, the date should be mentioned on which the experience certificate was issued including month, date, and year.

3. Salutation:

A letter opening must be with a declaration like Mr./Mrs./Dear or the name of the person. If the name is not known then to whom it may concern can be used.

4. Full name of the employee:

A full legal name as per the company’s official records should be included to avoid any sort of misunderstanding or confusion with the discrepancy of names between the company’s official records and the experience letter.

5. Designation of the employee:

In order to verify the authenticity of the letter, it must contain the legal name of the business in the letter under which the employee has performed his/her duties for the said tenure.

6. Company’s name:

A full legal name as per the company’s official records should be included to avoid any sort of misunderstanding or confusion with the discrepancy of names between the company’s official records and the experience letter.

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7. Period of employment:

The first day when the employee started working for the organization and the last day till the time they worked must be included in the certificate. In case the employee is still working then the end date will be denoted as a present or if he/she is supposed to leave in the future date which is known then that date must be mentioned.

8. Description of the employee:

A brief must be written pertaining to the quality of the employee, their skills, abilities, etc. This can be better written by the employer if he/she is provided with a  copy of the job description of the employee to match the skill set of the employee that other employers might be looking for.

9. Positive statement:

This makes the employer hiring the employee next assured of the fact that the employee is leaving the company of his own will and in good standing so that it gives a sense of trust and security hiring that particular person for the organization.

10. Signature/stamp or seal of the company:

This formal document of experience letter must consist of a professional closure and give an authorized feel of the document.

That’s all that you need to know about the experience certificate. If you have any queries then feel free to reach us in the comments.

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