On the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, you may find details about all Indian corporations. Therefore, you might need to register with MCA if you just recently founded your own business in India. Information about all types of enterprises, including Limited Liability Companies, is available on the MCA website (LLCs). The website enables visitors to check up details like the serial number of a company registration licence, the date it was formed, the type of business, the fees, the membership, etc. The balance statements, other company-related papers, and annual reports are made available on the Internet upon payment of the applicable fees.

Now, you can check a company registration with the MCA if you want to learn more about a certain business in India or if you want to learn more about a firm before working with them. We will go over how to do that in this blog. Let’s first clarify what the MCA is all about.

The MCA’s Role for India Company Registration

The status of a company’s accreditation can be checked with the use of MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) Master Data. The business registration process and associated paperwork were digitalized in India in 2006 with the introduction of the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) programme by the Government of India. Finding out information about an Indian company Registration is now simpler than ever owing to the internet!

Therefore, you must first sign into a search engine in order to learn more about a company (e.g., Google). After arriving at the search engine, you may start a search by entering a business’s full or partial name in the address box to see if it is included.

The following details regarding an Indian Company Registration can be found via the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Master Data:

  1. Corporate Identification Number
  2. Name of Firm
  3. Registrar of Company Identification Number
  4. Registrar of Company Details
  5. Firm Category
  6. Firm Sub Category
  7. A Firm’s classification
  8. Authorised Capital of Firm
  9. Paid-up Registered Capital of the Firm
  10. Registration Date
  11. Status of Contact Address
  12. Email Listing
  13. Date of Recent Annual General meeting
  14. Due Date of Balance sheet
  15. Status of the Firm

In addition to other important factors, a shareholder should take these three things into account while founding a company: –

Check the information about your new business against the list of names that are prohibited;
Trademark associated with the registered business name;
Check the suggested business name’s URL.

A. Checking the Status of a Firm’s Incorporation

From your internet-connected device, launch a search engine;
Visit the MCA webpage
subsequently, select View Business from the drop-down menu under the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) services tab.
Business Name (Enter at least two or three characters for Firm Name; click the Search button after typing the first three letters of the company name;
Along with the letters that have been filed, a list of business names will be provided. either click on the desired Company Firm Name page or copy the Corporate Identification Number (CIN);
Enter the business’ Corporate Identification Number (CIN) in the appropriate column if you are aware of it.
Enter the company’s Corporate Identification Number (CIN). Fill out the box with the number code. present the application;
I’m done now. The relevant information concerning the incorporation of the company will be displayed on the screen.

B. Fees Filed with The Firm

A “Fee registered on Firm” is a warranty deed or claim that a creditor or lender obtains on a company’s real estate as assurance that the company will repay the debt. When a company or limited liability partnership (LLC) receives a bank loan or other financial assistance from a financial company, fees are often assessed against the entity. In order to determine whether a company has taken out any loans from banks or other financial institutions, MCA’s functionality may be used.

C. Details for the Business as a Result of the Search

Adding or Modifying Date
The Fee amount
We Fee Holder’s Address

D. Company’s Members’ Authorization Details Verification

Use the MCA Link’s Authorization Details search option to look up the Directors of a company or the members of an LLP.

On the internet, you can find the following details on corporate executives or LLP members:
Details about the Director’s Identification Number (DIN);
Directors’ or Shareholders’ Names;
Designation of the Directors or Shareholders’;
Address of the Directors or Stakeholders;
Date of Consultation;
Validity of Digital Signatures.


Since businesses in India are the most important economic sector for generating revenue for the nation and the legislature is a branch of the federal government, efforts are being made to streamline corporate law.

The post-registration compliance, which is essential for a business because non-compliance would result in legal action by the authorities, must be considered, however, as a respectable Indian citizen.

The marketers should therefore be well-informed about the company’s future plans. Always seek professional assistance to lessen the possibility of non-compliance.

All corporate information is published online by the MCA , which is open to both the public and the company. Companies must register with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Later, the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) portal can be used to check the status of their company registration.

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