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What is GST and why do businesses need to register for GST?

With online company incorporation, GST registration, trademark licencing, income tax return filing, and FSSAI, Daily Filing is the best business establishment service provider in India..

GST Consultants In Jaipur

Advantages of company formation

Benefits of GST tax scheme for Businesses

Daily Filing is a renowned GST Registration firm in Jaipur adorned with a team of highly professional and well-equipped agents with the core technical knowledge and competence to serve businesses of all sizes.

Jaipur being the capital of Rajasthan serves as a nodal point for businesses hence the majority of the businesses wish to leverage on this strategic advantage to become successful by starting new businesses in and around Jaipur.

However, incorporating any business in India involves an array of tedious and cumbersome processes which is where a GST Registration company like Daily Filing comes as a savior for helping out the business with the legal and technical process

GST Consultant in jaipur

Services of a GST consultant

Assistance regarding Monthly and Yearly GST Return Filing

According to the GST law, all the entities enlisted for GST need to file their returns once a year and twice on monthly basis.
Our services include assisting businesses in the entire process of filing their returns regularly on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.
This means a total of 26 returns to be filed in a year and which is why you should definitely hire GST consultant in Jaipur so that you can focus on the business instead of preparing GST return documents twice every month.

Availing or claiming Input Tax Credit for business purchases

Input tax credits are collected by taxpayers for their purchases made under a business account. In order to avail tax credit, one is required to produce the invoice issued by the supplier of the item. There are several terms and conditions that one needs to follow in order to claim the input credit. As a business owner, it isn’t a simple task to keep such things in mind all the time but at the same time, you cannot afford to neglect to claim the credit. This is where Daily Filing can help you keep crucial records as well as help claim input credits timely.

Advisory Services by GST Registration Consultant in Jaipur

Daily Filing has a team of highly experienced and professional advisory panels to provide expert advice on various business and tax-related terms. Furthermore, they can help you to boost your compliance rating or avoid any penalty that may occur due to delay or inaccuracy, or some error in data.

Excellency in preparing Compliance Reports of businesses

Compliance reporting requires creating a report for the auditors of the company which acts as evidence that the company is compliant with government policies or meets the requirements of the regulatory agency of the company. A GST consultant like Daily Filing in Jaipur can help prepare an excellent compliance report that puts a positive impression on your promoters or regulatory firms. Besides tax payments and GST returns Daily Filing also deals in providing services such as Director KYC, Company Registration, Digital Signature Service, import-export code, trademarking your business, and company incorporation-related activities.

GST Registration for business firms in Jaipur

For business owners, the ministry of finance has provided an online portal from where they can register or apply for business in context to GST certificate and GSTIN. An applicant has to submit several details and provide the necessary information to register the business which is then followed by verification of the information from the uploaded documents, OTP, etc. Registration of business on the GST portal is a multi-step process and requires competent knowledge of several commerce terms and facts. If you need help in the process, any GST Registration Consultant in Jaipur like Daily Filing can help you throughout the process and assist you with smooth handling of the entire process. Once all the necessary documents and details are obtained, one can continue with the further process which is mentioned below.

GST Consultants

How to register for gst?

Other than this, you will be required to provide information such as the principal place of business, additional business places, details of goods and services dealt by the company, etc.

Daily Filing has an experienced team of experts trained in GST registration having a great reputation as GST consultant in Jaipur, who can help you in this and several such business-related processes and consultancy.

At the end of the process, an Application Reference Number or ARN will be generated. This will be received on your registered email and mobile number and will be used to track the application status in the future.

You should know that the required documents and information may vary according to your business model and size such as Pvt or Pvt Ltd etc.

Documents required for GST Registration

Do you need to apply for GST?

Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Filing (FAQ's)

● Go to the online GST portal and generate a Temporary Registration Number (TRN).
● Verify through and OTP
● Use TRN for logging in and start with GST registration
● Submit your business and promoter details
● Submit Authorised Signatory Information
● Fill in other required fields and get your application verified
● On successful completion, you will receive Application Reference Number on your registered email.

● Businesses with turnover above Rs. 40 Lakhs*
● Individuals registered under the Pre-GST law
● Every e-commerce aggregator
● Person who supplies via e-commerce aggregator
● Agents of any supplier and Input service distributor
● Casual taxable person / Non-Resident taxable person
● Those paying tax under the reverse charge mechanism
● Person supplying online information and database access or retrieval services from a place outside India to a person in India

Any individual has to register for GST if he engages in any economic activity which includes trades and commerce. Unless and until you dont carry on any business, you need not to register for gst.

GST registration can be done for free online from the web portal.

A GST number is generated only when you register for gst with your business details. And GST registration is totally free of cost.

Yes, gst applies to all businesses which engages in trade or commerce and contributes to the economy of the country. This includes freelancers, service providers, small startups etc. as well.

GST registration can take anywhere between 5 to 7 days, provided you have all the required documents ready at the time of submission and have provided all information carefully.

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