We’ve all needed a Bonafide certificate at some point in our lives. Whether we are going to a foreign university or applying for a Visa, a Bonafide certificate acts as proof that we were formerly a member of some institution.. 

When we look for a job job or want to study for our master’s degree abroad, we must show that we have previously studied or employed. This is where a document like Bonafide Certificate comes in handy. 

If you have any concerns about how an authentic certificate functions or should be formatted,  here’s all you need to know about applying for and receiving a valid certificate.

What is a Bonafide Certificate?

A genuine certificate is one that is provided by an organization to confirm that a certain person is a member of that particular organization. This certificate is typically issued to students by educational institutions. Companies also issue the same to their employees.

In Latin, the term “Bonafide” means “in good faith,” implying that the person holding the certificate has no intention of deceiving or cheating anyone.

Essentially, the certificate confirms one’s former affiliation with the institute, organization, or corporation, whether as a student or as an employee. So , a legitimate certificate verifies that someone was formerly a member of a particular organization.

A Bonafide Certificate helps in providing some crucial information that can be useful for future dealings. 

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Bonafide Certificate Information

  • Serves as a proof of association 
  • Usually certified by the head of the organization or institution
  • Demonstrates association with an institute, organization, or firm.
  • The Bonafide certificate provides information such as the name of the college, class, and student rank for the students.
  • This certificate provides information such as the organization’s name, department of work, and job occupied by the employees.
  • Required for a variety of objectives including visa applications, international college applications, and new employment applications.

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Uses of a Bonafide Certificate 

  • Certain financial institutions provide low-interest loans to students. This certificate may be required of the student in order to be eligible for this benefit.
  • A student may be required to demonstrate this certificate when requesting student concessions from public transportation providers such as city buses, local trains, and metros.
  • To apply for several student scholarship programs.
  • A Bonafide certificate may be included in the paperwork presented to various traffic authorities to apply for a driver’s license as supplemental ID evidence.
  • Certain conferences, seminars, or other similar activities are only open to students/employees, and attendance to such events may be granted provided this credential is presented.
  • Businesses and corporations may create alliances to gain additional benefits. A firm, for example, may form a partnership with a taxi service to give a discount to its employees. Using this certificate, workers can demonstrate their eligibility.

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Application for Bonafide Certificate

  • An application must first be submitted to the head of the appropriate institution/organization in order to get the certificate. One needs to write a letter for obtaining this Bonafide certificate. 
  • For acquiring a Bonafide certificate, the majority of institutes and colleges have their own application form.
  • Certain colleges offer online application procedures where students may register themselves using their ID or roll number and subsequently get a Bonafide.
  • In other cases, students will need to go to the Office of Administration, obtain the relevant paperwork, and then apply for the certificate.
  • If the university does not have a defined format for the Bonafide Certificate Application form, the students submit a letter requesting it and specifying what information they want on the certificate.
  • When applying online, most websites will provide the student options for what information they want on their certificates, such as their name, section, branch, class, number of students, average score, and even rank.
  • Certain universities, institutions, and organizations charge a minor processing fee to students or workers in order to acquire their Certificates. In that instance, after filling out the necessary information, the applicant must pay the relevant fee in order to obtain the certificate.

If you also own a company, you might also need to provide Bonafide certificate certified on your company’s name. If you don’t have one yet, you should reach your agents who helped with company registration process and get a Bonafide Certificate prepared for your company.

Important things to keep in mind

When applying for a Bonafide, it is critical to adhere to a well-structured procedure.

  • The situation and why the Bonafide certificate is required must be fully stated so that the administrators do not have any doubts.
  • All necessary supporting documentation must be provided to the application.
  • The application must be sent to the organization’s leader.
  • Once the application is approved, the format of the Bonafide must be communicated to the appropriate department.
  • The Bonafide must include all of the information requested by the other institution.
  • Furthermore, make sure the certificate is attested by the Head of Institution, as otherwise, it is not valid.

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Format of Bonafide Certificate

While each college may have its own format for the genuine certificate, it will always include information such as the college name written on the letterhead, the date of issuance, the student to whom it is granted, and the signature of the institution’s head. 

As an example of how a genuine certificate may look, the following format has been provided:

        XYZ University




This is to certify that Mr./Ms. ——————— is a Bonafide student of  XYZ University Jaipur, Rajasthan, and is pursuing a —————— course at our Institution.

Seal and Signature of the Principal

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